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Sharing is Good Practice! We encourage and invite you to join the community of sharers.

In keeping with the spirit of the UNESCO Convention, we hope that examples of Good Practices will be submitted as widely as possible, and that more examples of practices small and large, whether traditional or somewhat surprising, will be collected from all around the Nordic region.

The site is designed for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), grassroot groups, institutions and individuals in all areas of living Heritage.

If you have a practice you want to submit or notify the administrators of, please send your information to the administrator representing the relevant country/territory. See the list of administrators below.

When submitting, the text need to be edited to fit a fixed template of sections: Header, Background, Objectives, How it was done, Key factors (optional), Links (optional) and Photo licenses clarified. Please see the manuals below.

It is possible to submit a Good Practice and modify it later. Submissions to the site should preferably be made by the communities and organisation that practice and are familiar with the current heritage or practice.The text needs to be in English.

Before approval and publishing, the administrator reserves the right to  request adjustments to submissions, or, if necessary, remove inadequate or inappropriate submissions.

If you want to comment on someone else’s text, contact the author or the relevant administrator.

Who can add Good Practices?

  • Accredited as well as other relevant NGOs
  • Various communities (e.g. practitioners, grassroot movers, actors within a certain geographical or thematic area, organisations in the field)
  • Groups of individuals

Who cannot add Good Practices?

  • Commercial organisations
  • Political organisations


How to register Nordic Safeguarding Practices

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Contact details administrators


National Board of Antiquities, Museovirasto, Helsinki Finland
Coordinator of Intangible Heritage, ms Leena Marsio

The Storytelling Network of Kronoberg/Berättarnätet Kronoberg, Ljungby, Sweden. (accredited NGO 2016)
Director ms. Meg Nömgård

Norwegian Crafts Institute, Norsk håndverksninstitutt, Lillehammer, Norway (accredited NGO 2010)
Advisor mr. Dag Feldborg

FolkArt Ltd/ÞjóðList, Húsavík, Iceland
Managing director ms. Gudrun Ingimundardottir

The Icelandic coastal association/ Vitafélagið, Reykjavik, Iceland
Managing director ms. Sigurbjörg Árnadóttir